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Turkey is one of the world’s oldest marble producers in the country. The production that started in Marmara Island 4000 years ago continues in many provinces of our country. There are 300 kinds of marble, 200 kinds of travertine, onyx, limestone and granite in our country, where there are nearly 650 colors and varieties. With our existing quarry connections, we offer this stone variety to our customers at the maximum level.

Turkish marbles have high popularity in the building stone industry. The high quarry reserve in the country and the presence of different colors and selections from these quarries make the country a preferred reason in the natural stone industry. In Turkish quarries, marbles are extracted in white, black, brown, beige, gray, green, blue, etc. colors. We can list some known stones as follows; Bianco Ibiza, Lilac, New York, Arctic Black, Dark Emperador, Vesanto Grey, Tundra Gray. When we come to the products we offer: Marble slabs, Marble tiles, Marble kitchen countertops, marble vanity top, marble steps, marble mosaic. Marble product usage areas are interior wall cladding, interior flooring, exterior cladding, countertops, stairs, etc.

Turkish Travertines are stones with high usage, especially in exterior designs. Turkish travertine quarries have high reserves. We can list some of our popular products as follows: Light Travertine, Silver Travertine, Gold Travertine (Yellow travertine), Noce Travertine, Scabos Travertine. These materials are offered to customers in different cuts such as travertine slabs, travertine tiles, travertine steps, travertine sinks, french pattern set, travertine paver, travertine mosaic, stone veneer, travertine split face. We offer travertines in two groups according to the cut shape; vein-cut and cross-cut. Travertine product usage areas are interior wall cladding, interior flooring, exterior cladding, exterior paver, pool coping, hardscaping, landscaping etc. When we come to surface treatments, we apply different surface treatments such as tumbled, polished, filled, honed, brushed, sandblasted, hammered, chiseled edge.

Travertine Panels is a top choice mosaic for traditional, and rustic appearance. So travertine mosaics preferred in backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, tv units, and exterior cladding design projects by architect and project owner.  Materialist supplies many different types of travertine mosaics with different designs and production types like splitface, free lenght travertine veneer, tumbled splitface veneer, ledger stone, 3D ledger panel, traditional panel, z ledger panel, simple ledger panel.

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How We Work?

Materialist works directly with the quarries with the connections it establishes and provides the customer with optimum cost after high technology fabrication. In the process that starts according to the demands of our customers, first contact with the quarry and selection are examined. Even if the stone extracts from the same quarry, it is divided into different groups as selections and selection is an important stage for the order to be homogeneous. These selections are then offered to the customer with our free sample service. According to the selection approved by our customer, the production stage is started.